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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

[KDTEX Website Privacy Policy]

  1. Purpose of Personal Information Processing

This website processes personal information necessary for membership registration, service provision and management, customer inquiry handling, etc. Personal information may be used for the following purposes:

  • Membership registration and authentication
  • Service provision and operation
  • Customer support and inquiry response
  • Website improvement and personalized service provision
  • Marketing and advertising activities
  1. Scope of Personal Information Collected

This website may collect the following personal information during membership registration:

  • Real name, username, password
  • Email address, contact information
  • Other information necessary for service usage
  1. Storage and Use Period of Personal Information

This website retains a member's personal information until the member withdraws from the service and uses it only for purposes related to service provision. However, personal information may be retained for a certain period of time according to relevant laws and regulations.

  1. Provision and Sharing of Personal Information

This website does not provide a member's personal information to third parties. However, exceptions apply in the following cases:

  • When there is consent from the member
  • When disclosure is required by law
  1. Security of Personal Information

This website adopts secure security systems to protect a member's personal information. Reasonable measures are taken to prevent the loss, theft, and leakage of personal information.

  1. Rights Regarding Personal Information

Members have the right to access, modify, delete, etc., their personal information at any time. The method and procedure for exercising rights regarding personal information are provided on the website.

  1. Changes to Privacy Policy

This website may change its privacy policy and will announce any changes on the website.

This Privacy Policy is effective from [the date of enforcement of the Privacy Policy, July 16, 2015].

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