Key Tourist Attractions

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Key Tourist Attractions

Key Tourist Attractions

광주 여행 메뉴
새로운 이미지 The journey of five 'lights' discovered and shared at the intersection of past, present, and future.

Tourist guidebook

새로운 이미지
「 Omae (Five Attractions) 」
'Omae,' from Omae Gwangju, is commonly used as an exclamation indicating surprise in Jeolla-do. In addition, it also contains the meaning of wishing, 'all the time, always'. Above all, it represents the five charms that visitors to Gwangju can enjoy there. We hope you enjoy your wonderful trip in Gwangju, full of the five charms.

With the names, the city of art (Yehyang), the city of justice (Uihyang) and the city of taste (Mihyang), Gwangju has prospered with Mudeungsan Mountain
in the background.

Born from light, shining brightly around, along with 'Omaena,' overflowing with five charms, shall we explore Gwangju?

Resembling the radiant city of Gwangju, Omaena is created by personifying the motif of light. Using the three primary colors of light, red, green, and blue, and the composite colors, white and yellow, it is expressed in five colors.


Yehyang, Uihyang, Mihyang Gwangju, blooming against the backdrop of Mudeungsan
Gwangju's 5 charms


Gwangju History Tour

#Unforgettable #History #5·18
#Yangnim-dong History & Culture Villag
#Penguin Village
광주역사투어 이미지

5·18 Archives

May 18 Memorial(former South Jeolla provincial office building)
May 18 Democracy square

Yangnim History & Culture Village

National 5·18 Democratic Cemetery

#Owol-gil_5·18 walking course

5·18 Original Downtown Tour

5·18 Archives

May 18 Democracy Square

May 18 Memorial (former South Jeolla provincial office building)

Yangnim-dong History & Culture Village

Penguin Village

Asia Culture Center

Dongmyeong-dong Cafe Street

Daein Art Market (night market opened on Saturdays)

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