Speaker Application

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Speaker Application

Speaker Application

KDTEX 2024
Recruitment of Continuing Education Lecturers

Qualifications for Continuing Education Lecturers

  1. 1. Individuals who comply with Article 8 of the Association's Articles of Association (Member Obligations) and fall under the following three categories:
    • Individuals who have been active members of the Korean Dental Technician Association (mandatory)
      • Individuals with approximately 10 years of clinical experience in dental technology
    • Individuals with over 3 years of teaching experience as a full-time lecturer or higher at a related university
    • Individuals with over 5 years of experience as a visiting lecturer
    • Individuals with outstanding publication records
    • Recipients of awards from the Association and regional chapters for dental works and poster competitions, as well as recipients of academic-related awards
    • Individuals capable of lecturing in foreign languages
  2. 2. Others recognized by the Korean Dental Technician Association
    • International lecturers
    • Demonstrations by dental material companies: Booths will be assigned in separate rooms
    ※ Prior consultation is required for overseas lecturer applications and booth demonstrations by dental material companies.

Methods of Continuing Education

  1. 1. Practice (including live lectures)
  2. 2. Theoretical lectures
  3. 3. Visual education

Contents of Continuing Education

  1. 1. Latest clinical practice fields
  2. 2. Latest dental engineering information
  3. 3. General courses related to dental engineering

Submission Documents

  1. 1. Application form, abstract of the presentation, a video of approximately 5 minutes, or a PowerPoint presentation of approximately 10 slides
  2. 2. Resume
  3. 3. Certificate of employment

Application Deadline

Contact Information

  1. Mr. Park In-ho, Manager of the Korean Dental Technician Association: 02-2253-2800 (Ext. 5)

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